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The Berkeley Study Abroad Program offers opportunities for study in France and other French-speaking countries for one semester, one year, or summer.

French-speaking Study Abroad resources for:

The majority of students in the French major and minor programs at UC Berkeley complete some portion of their undergraduate study abroad through the Berkeley Study Abroad Program. Given the increasing globalization of our world, living abroad helps expand their understanding of diverse, culturally-rooted attitudes and behaviors. Studying abroad enhances cross-cultural awareness, competency, and adaptability. Students find that living and studying abroad expands their perspective, improves critical thinking, increases independence and better prepares them for a career in an increasingly global marketplace.

Interested students should obtain the relevant information early in the year preceding the one in which they plan to go abroad.  

Berkeley Study Abroad
160 Stephens Hall
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The French Undergraduate Advising Office maintains a list of pre-approved study abroad courses that can be taken for credit in the major or minor in French.  Students are strongly encouraged to consult with the Undergraduate Advisor before going abroad (whether through Berkeley Study Abroad or through non-UC sponsored programs) in order to plan a  program of study that will count toward the French Major or Minor.