Study Abroad

Study Abroad

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Applying Study Abroad Coursework toward French Major/Minor Requirements

When determining whether coursework taken through Study Abroad will be credited toward Major or Minor course requirements, the Department looks for equivalent content at an equivalent level. Study Abroad courses must correspond in content and level to UCB upper division French courses required for the Major or Minor.

Here are the criteria for determining if coursework is ‚Äúequivalent‚ÄĚ

  • ¬†Course must be taught in French.
  • ¬†Course must be taken for a Letter Grade, with one exception.¬† With prior approval from the French Undergraduate Adviser, French majors can apply a maximum of one P/NP course per semester of study abroad in a full-immersion study abroad program toward satisfaction of French major requirements.¬† The P/NP option¬†may not be applied to mandatory courses within the UCEAP program.
  • ¬†Content of the course must be equivalent to upper division French courses offered at UCB. This means most courses in French Literature, French Linguistics, French Film and Advanced French Language Study will be good candidates. A complete listing of French Dept. Courses can be found in the¬†Berkeley Academic Guide.
  • ¬†Course hours must be (approximately) equivalent to upper division French courses offered at UCB (about 4 semester units).¬† Equivalent courses may be combined to satisfy credit hours.
  • ¬†Final approval of¬†study abroad ¬†coursework is contingent upon¬†course grades and¬†units¬†posting to the student‚Äôs UC Berkeley transcript.
  • Equivalent courses from study abroad can¬†satisfy a maximum of 4 French Major course requirements for 16 semester units or 2 French Minor course requirements for 8 semester units.

The Department maintains a list of pre-approved courses for the following programs:

UCEAP, Bordeaux, coursework in French

UCEAP, Lyon, coursework in French

UCEAP, Sciences Politiques, Paris, coursework in French

UCEAP, Senegal, coursework in French

Students who wish to submit a new course for approval for credit in the Major or Minor in French may submit the request to the Undergraduate Advising Office at  Please include course number and title, number of units,  course syllabus, and reading list.