Advanced Reading & Writing

Spring 2024
Class No: 20355
Liesl Yamaguchi
9:30 AM - 10:59 AM

All Work for This Class Conducted in French; Completion of FR102, Placement Exam, or Native Language Fluency Required for Enrollment. MUST HAVE TAKEN FRENCH 4 AT UC BERKELEY OR A FRENCH DEPARTMENT PLACEMENT TEST - For placement testing, please contact Please adhere to these guidelines so instructors know you are ready for this course. Students read a selection of works from different media and genres including short stories, poems, plays, letters, essays, paintings and films. Through close reading, students develop their analytical ability in French, paying particular attention to the different kinds of choices that writers make, and how these choices contribute to the making of meaning. Students also develop their skills as writers of academic French, focusing both on the content of their written work and on its form. By the end of the course, students are ready to meet the reading and writing requirements of upper division courses in the French department.

Readings: Course Reader; other readings as assigned by Instructor Prerequisites: French 102 is the sole prerequisite to all UCB French courses numbered 103 and above. Course open to non-native speakers of French only. Course conducted in French. Satisfies 1 course requirement in French major or French minor.