Love, Friendship and the Political

R1A (Section 1) :  English Composition through French Literature in Translation
Spring 2017
Class No: 15270
T. Sanders


Writing Analytically, David Rosenwasser and Jill Stephen

The Princesse of Cleves, Madame de Lafayette

Letters from a Peruvian Woman, Françoise de Graffigny

The Scarlett Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne


Course reader:

The Symposium (excerpts), Plato

The Nicomachean Ethics (excerpts), Aristotle

Antigone, Sophocles

Discourse on the Origin of Inequality (excepts), Rousseau

On Democracy in America (excerpts) Tocqueville

Aurélia, Nerval



Love and friendship seem so personal and intimate, but how can they be understood as political concepts? Can love or friendship establish political community? In what ways is love in particular viewed as a creative or destructive force? And does it produce and maintain social inequality? And how do our very notions of love and friendship structure our reflection on political concerns? In this course, we will read texts that explore these questions and others. We will also examine the ways in which literary texts confront political concerns through stories of love and friendship.


This course is an R1A, the first part of two courses intended to introduce students to literary analysis, critical reading, and analytical writing. Writing assignments will include posting to bCourses and formulating discussion questions as well as brainstorming, peer-editing, drafting, revising, and re-writing formal essays.


Additional Information:

French R1A satisfies the first half of the Reading and Composition Requirement. Classes are conducted in ENGLISH

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