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Maya Sidhu

Tu/Th 10am -11am

Research Areas

Maya’s research is in film and media studies. Her most recent work examines the intersection between gender politics and filmmaking in 1930s France.


Maya has been teaching as a lecturer in the department since the fall of 2016. She completed her PhD in French/Francophone Studies at Northwestern University. 


Selected Publications

Sidhu, Maya. Making “Women's News”: French Feminists of la Femme nouvelle (1934–36) and the Newsreel Magazine Actualités fémininesCamera Obscura 1 September 2023; 38 (2 (113)): 1–29. doi:

Sidhu, Maya. "Reconsidering Jean Renoir’s La Marseillaise through editor Marguerite Renoir." French Screen Studies (2020): 1-15.