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Jennifer Kaplan

Graduate Student

Research Areas

sociolinguistics (particularly language variation and metalinguistic analyses); language and gender; queer linguistics/lavender linguistics; intersections between literature and linguistics


I'm a second-year PhD student in the Romance Languages & Literatures program. I earned my BA in Comparative Literature from Barnard College in 2019 and completed a BA/MA at Columbia University in English & Comparative Literature in 2020. My research thus far has looked at the emergence of neo-morphemes and neo-pronouns among non-binary French speakers in Montréal. I am also involved with the Corpus of New York City English (CoNYCE) project, looking at New Yorkers' metalinguistic attitudes towards the "New York accent." 

In my free time, I enjoy restoring vintage garments, embroidering wearable art, and fostering senior cats.  My pronouns are she/her/hers.