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Caroline Godard

Graduate Student Instructor
Dwinelle 4310
T 12-2pm

Research Areas

Renaissance and early modern studies, history of the book, the senses (particularly touch), feminist theory, theories of the contemporary 


I’m a third-year PhD student in French with a Designated Emphasis in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies (REMS). My dissertation research traces a theory of the contemporary throughout early modern French literature. I also have a secondary field of interest in feminist theories of authorship. For this research, I study how women like Annie Ernaux, Céline Sciamma, and Elena Ferrante explore the possibilities of collective authorship in their work.

Before coming to Berkeley, I graduated from Miami University with a BA in French and English Literature and an MA in French. I then read for an MSt in Modern Languages at St Antony’s College, University of Oxford. I finished my Oxford degree with a Distinction, having also won the department's Gerard Davis Prize for the best MSt dissertation on a topic in French literary studies. I was subsequently recognized at Oxford's Encaenia ceremony as one of the university's eight highest achieving students from 2020.

I am a recipient of the Berkeley Fellowship and, as of 2023, I'm the REMS Graduate Representative. Outside of school, I like to play tennis, climb, hike, and talk about films with my friends. My pronouns are she/her/hers.


Selected Publications


"Being 'time-bound': Montaigne on touch, contagion, and the contemporary." Early Modern French Studies.

Public writing

"Introduction" and "Compulsory heterosexuality, past and present: Adrienne Rich and the Lesbian Masterdoc." The Heteropessimism Cluster, edited by Annabel Barry, Caroline Godard, and Jane Ward. Post45: Contemporaries (in progress).

"Happening captures the horrifying everydayness of illegal abortion." LitHub. May 4, 2022.

"Residual time." Diacritics blog. August 5, 2020.