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Karl A. Britto

Associate Professor of French & Comparative Literature
Fall 2021: Wednesdays 2-4 (please see below)

Research Areas

Professor Britto’s teaching and research interests include Francophone colonial and postcolonial literatures of Vietnam, Africa and the Caribbean.

Office Hours

Fall 2021 office hours will be held Wednesdays 2-4.

Please sign up for a block of time here. Given uncertain pandemic conditions, I may hold office hours on Zoom, in which case you will find a link on the same sign-up sheet.

If you would like to meet but are unable to attend office hours at the scheduled time, please email me.

Selected Publications

"'Madame, je ne suis pas une jeune fille': Phạm Duy Khiêm's La Place d'un homme," French Studies 74.4 (October 2020)

"The Place of Paris in Vietnamese Diasporic Fiction," in Paris and the Marginalized Author: Treachery, Alienation, Queerness, and Exile, eds. Valérie Orlando and Pamela Pears (Lexington Books, 2019)

“‘Remembering and Forgetting’: An Interview with Viet Thanh Nguyen,” Public Books, September 25, 2018

“The Stranger’s Voice,” Public Books, August 1, 2015, reprinted in Think in Public: A Public Books Reader, eds. Sharon Marcus and Caitlin Zaloom (Columbia University Press, 2019)

Preface to new edition of Nguyen Phan Long’s 1921 Le Roman de Mademoiselle Lys (DatAsia Press, 2014)

Kim Thúy: A Way with Words,” Public Books, October 15, 2014

Marie Ndiaye: One Powerful Writer,” Public Books, July 24, 2013

Lost and Found: Aimee Phan’s The Reeducation of Cherry Truong,” Public Books, September 5, 2012

“L’ésprit de corps: French Civilization and the Death of the Colonized Soldier,” in Empire Lost: France and Its Other Worlds, ed. Elisabeth Mudimbe-Boyi (Lexington Books, 2009)

Disorientation: France, Vietnam, and the Ambivalence of Interculturality (Hong Kong University Press, 2004)

“Tahar Ben Jelloun,” in The Columbia History of Twentieth-Century French Thought, ed. Lawrence D. Kritzman (Columbia University Press, 2006)

“‘You don’t know this but I keep telling you’: Memory and Disavowal in Monique Thuy-Dung Truong’s ‘Kelly’,” in Of Vietnam: Identities in Dialogue, eds. Jane Winston and Leakthina Ollier (Palgrave Global Publishing at St. Martin’s Press, 2001)

“History, Memory, and Narrative Nostalgia: Pham Duy Khiem’s Nam et Sylvie,” Yale French Studies 98 (2000)