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Henry Ravenhall

Assistant Professor
4217 Dwinelle Hall

Research Areas

  • medieval French and Occitan literature and manuscript culture
  • medieval history-writing and theories of temporality
  • affect and emotion
  • history of the senses (especially touch and smell)
  • philology
  • the philosophy of Jean-Luc Nancy and Jacques Rancière


  • PhD French, King's College London (2020)
  • MA French Literature and Culture, King's College London (2016)
  • BA French and History, King's College London (2015)

Prior to joining UC Berkeley, I was a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Cambridge (2021–23), a Postdoctoral Fellow at Freie Universität Berlin (2020–21), and a Postdoctoral Research Associate at King's College London (2020).

Selected Publications

‘Gautier de Coinci's Miracles de Nostre Dame and the Powers of Olfaction’, New Medieval Literatures, 24 (2024, forthcoming).

Veiled Reading, Reading Veils: Textile Curtains and the Experiences of Medieval French Manuscripts, 1200–1325’, Digital Philology, 12.2 (2023), 155–94.

The Date, Author, and Context of the Roman de Silence: A Reassessment’, Medium Ævum, 91 (2022), 70–99.

All Roads Lead to Rome: Revisiting the Pairing of the Histoire ancienne jusqu'à César and the Faits des Romains in the Thirteenth Century’, Romania, 139 (2021), 5–36.

The Untimely Subject: Reporting Discourse and Bearing Witness in Villehardouin's La Conquête de Constantinople and Yannick Haenel's Jan Karski’, Interfaces, 7 (2020), 9–36. 

‘L'expérience The Values of French Language and Literature in the European Middle Ages’, in ed. Marta Materni, ‘Autour du Roman de Florimont. Approches multidisciplinaires à la complexité textuelle médiévale’, Quaderni di Francigena, 2 (2020), 151–163. 

The Histoire ancienne jusqu’à César: A Digital Edition; BNF, Fr20125 (interpretive edition): Orient II (8) and Alexander (9), ed. by Henry Ravenhall, Simon Gaunt, Simone Ventura, Maria Teresa Rachetta, Natasha Romanova and Hannah Morcos; technical ed. by Paul Caton, Ginestra Ferraro, Marcus Husar, and Geoffroy Noël.

(For more on my research, please visit my website).