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Distinguished Lecture, Louisa Mackenzie "Pedagogy Matters: The Non-binary Turn and Inclusive Language Teaching"
4 pm - 5:30 pm
French Department Library (4229 Dwinelle)

In recent years, the visibility of non-binary people who identify beyond the binary gender has greatly increased on both sides of the Atlantic. While the singular "they" has gained favor with many in English-speaking spaces, non-binary French-speaking people have faced other challenges regarding language and syntax, given the binary nature of French grammar. Increasingly, students of French and other binary-gendered languages are asking instructors for guidance on how to navigate and express non-binary gender in those languages. It is important to respond in ways that are linguistically coherent and also culturally situated. For this talk, Louisa Mackenzie considers the non-binary challenge in the French classroom and presents inclusive pedagogical possibilities by foregrounding various on-going strategies that foster equitable, inclusive and expansive possibilities within Francophone linguistic, cultural and educational spaces.