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Amber Sweat

Graduate Student Instructor
For fall 2020, my Zoffice room numbers will be circulated to students at the start of the semester.
Monday/Thursday 1-2 PM, or by appointment. Please email in advance!

Research Areas

Childhood studies; maternity and gender studies; [critical] race theory; educational writing; legal writing; visual media; urban studies.


I’m a third-year PhD student with a designated emphasis in Film and Media as well as a certificate in Global Urban Humanities. As of late, my work has folded in questions about children’s welfare and politics of childhood, where I’m mostly concerned with the adultification of children of color and the infantilization of their adult counterparts. I am currently developing a project that traces where race, gender, and the child create tension with France's republican universalist project via depictions of youth of color/migrant youth in French literature and visual media. I also enjoy working within feminist theory, French-American comparative politics, human rights, social media movements, the banlieue, Hip Hop, and youth culture more broadly. You can typically find me at a CRG event

I received my MA from Berkeley in 2020 and come to California by way of an Honors BA at the University of Texas at Austin as well as a research internship at l'Université de Paris (Sorbonne-IV). I was in the 2017-2018 cohort for the Teaching Assistant Program in France (aka TAPIF), where I worked as a high school teacher in Aubervilliers, France. I am a Chancellor's Fellow, the French delegate to the Graduate Assembly, and I was part of the spring 2021 Law and Humanities research seminar and the Global Urban Humanities Transformative Justice Studio.

Outside of the academy, I'm a Court-Appointed Special Advocate and a Citizens' Climate Justice member. I also volunteer in juvenile justice reform and have done work in immigration advocacy, welfare, youth health, women's health, and girl/women's empowerment. Oh, and I'm running the 2021 SF marathon! 

~~You can also find me at!

*As a first-generation student, I care deeply about accessibility for all of my students. I welcome and encourage any discussion with regards to the French language and identity in our classroom, costs of class attendance, health accommodations (mental and physical), and more. Do not hesitate to reach out!