Elementary French, second semester

Spring 2023
Daniel Hoffmann


Chez nous: Branché sur le monde francophone, 5th Edition; Student Activities Manual, 5th Edition; Answer Key, SAM, 5th Edition.

Course Description:

This is a second-semester course on French language and culture. It assumes prior engagement with the language: either French 1 at UC Berkeley or three years of high school French with the consent of the instructor. In this class, you’ll develop your ability to interact in a French-speaking environment; to read and understand a variety of texts, from menus to poems; and to converse on topics of increasing complexity. We’ll develop these skills through a sustained engagement with various aspects of Francophone cultures from around the world: art, music, film, and of course, food! We’ll learn to think about these cultures with a critical and historical perspective. This class is conducted strictly and entirely in French.


French 1 at UC Berkeley or 1 semester (or 2 quarters) of college-level French at another university or 3 years of high school French or consent of the instructor.

For additional placement information please see Lower Division Placement Guidelines. See also French Enrollment FAQs.

Additional information:

Course not open to native or heritage speakers of French. Classes are limited to 20 students.  Students who do not attend first five days of class may be subject to Instructor Drop.

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