Practical Phonetics and Listening Comprehension

Spring 2013
N. Timmons


Abry and Chalandon, 350 exercices; course materials

Course Description:

This multimedia web-assisted course concentrates on pronunciation and listening comprehension skills. Because it concentrates on the first task confronted upon arrival in a French-speaking country (to understand and be understood), it has traditionally been considered very helpful before going to France for study, work, or travel. Training in Practical Phonetics focuses on the traditionally more difficult areas for speakers of English, with priority given to errors that affect comprehensibility by natives. Training in Listening Comprehension includes both global comprehension activities and attention to discrete points –such as sound elisions or consonant assimilation– which make French difficult to understand. Use of a wide variety of text, audio and video documents, including radio and television. Students learn the International Phonetic Alphabet for reading purposes. Theoretical concepts are introduced as necessary. This course is conducted entirely in French.

Prerequisites:  A passing grade in French 3 at UC Berkeley, or the equivalent. If you have questions about placement, see the Placement Guidelines on French Department website.

Additional information:  Course not open to native or heritage speakers of French. Priority enrollment for declared French majors.  This course is a requirement for the French major.  Priority enrollment for declared French majors.

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