Certificate of French for Professional Purposes

« La Francophonie is a vast country without borders. It's the land of the French language. » - Gilles Vigneault

The Certificate of French for Professional Purposes is designed to prepare students to integrate their language skills into a francophone professional environment. This program is tailored to students who are keen to build two essential pillars in their study of French: (1) attaining a strong linguistic proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening while (2) simultaneously demonstrating a deep understanding of the cultural, political, and economic landscapes of Francophone nations. 

This program will serve as a valuable asset for students who are interested in working in a variety of fields including but not limited to politics, economics, and business; art, cinema theater, publishing and/or other cultural professions; and/or science, medicine, and the environment. 

The certificate, while not listed on a student diploma, can be added to a CV/resume and to LinkedIn/social media accounts with a digital badge. More importantly, it will validate the student’s understanding of the field and give early preparation to professional work. The certificate can be taken as a stand alone or can be added to a French Major or Minor; it is particularly well-suited to students enrolled in the dual degree program with Sciences Po or who undertake a semester abroad with IFE in Paris, Brussels, or Strasbourg.  


To qualify to the certificate, all students must fulfill the following criteria: 

  • Successfully complete one iteration of the course, French for Professions (FR137) 
  • Participate in an internship abroad (IFE or Summer Global Internship - Paris*) OR engage in a local internship in French while completing the Supervised Independent Study Research course (FR199); for dual degree students, the stage de service civile and accompanying writing may meet this requirement by exception
  • Take any two upper division classes taught in French at UC Berkeley for a letter grade (between FR102-185 except FR140-142AC which are taught in English)

*Summer Global Internship - Paris applications are due in early January, so please plan accordingly. FR102 or native fluency is required for this program.

NOTE: French 102 or its equivalent is required to take any other upper division French courses. Native speakers who have completed secondary education in a French school system do not need a placement exam. Heritage and/or non-native speakers who have not had fully immersive French schooling can take an exam to place out of French 102. Contact Vesna Rodic, vrodic@berkeley.edu, to schedule a placement test.

To declare your intention to complete the Certificate of French for Professional Purposes, please complete this Declaration of Intent form AND email frendept@berkeley.edu to schedule a meeting with Nina Rennert Cohen, French Undergraduate Major Advisor.

Once you have completed or are nearing completion of the Certificate of French for Professional Purposes, please complete this Declaration of Completion form.