Immigration in France: The Arabic Paris

24 :  Freshman Seminar (Section 1)
Spring 2020
S. Tlatli


Course Reader

Course Description:

This course is designed to give a new perspective on the city of Paris when it is considered through the perspective of its immigration history.  It is, as well, an introduction to the history of North African immigration in France in the twentieth- and twenty-first centuries. We will first focus on the main historical events that rendered the massive North African immigration possible and sometimes unavoidable, because of French colonialism.  We will  then pay close attention to the various cultural ways in which the city of Paris has been shaped and transformed by immigration, throughout the twentieth- and twenty-first centuries.  We will consider the ways in which the city of Paris has been somehow redefined by its North African immigrant population by examining cultural documents, such as films, music, food  and literature.

Additional information:

Course taught in ENGLISH. No knowledge of French is needed.

Priority enrollment for Freshmen.


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