Elementary French (off campus/Paris)

French 1
Summer 2023
Class No: 13499


Chez nous: Branché sur le monde francophone, 5th Edition; MyLab, Chez nous: Branché sur le monde francophone, 5th Edition, or Student Activities Manual, 5th Edition.

Course Description:

Elementary French is a whirlwind introduction to French language and culture. It assumes no prior study of the language. In this class, you’ll learn to navigate simple interactions in a French-speaking environment; to converse informally on familiar topics; to express thoughts simply and clearly in essentially-correct French prose; and to read and understand a variety of texts, from menus to poems. We’ll develop these skills through a sustained engagement with various aspects of Francophone cultures from around the world—including art, music, film, and of course, food! We’ll learn how to think about these cultures with a critical and historical perspective. This class is conducted entirely in French.


No previous French experience required.  This course is also appropriate for students with one quarter of college-level French, 2 years of high school French, or less.  For additional placement information please see Lower Division Placement Guidelines.

Additional information:

All sections are conducted entirely in French.

**Please note that time conflicts are incompatible with the demands on this course.**

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