Advanced Intermediate FrencH

French 4
Summer 2023
Class No: 15191
228 Dwinelle Hall
10:00 AM - 11:59 AM


Réseau: Communication, Intégration, Intersections2nd Edition, Pearson (Textbook, Student activities manual, and Answer key); Jean-Paul Sartre, Huis-clos, (Gallimard, 2000).   selected outside readings

Recommended: My French Lab access; Morton, English Grammar for Students of French

The program uses the second edition only. All of the required materials (textbook, student activities manual, answer key and MyFrenchLab) will be available in package form at the Cal Student Store. In most cases, purchasing a package turns out to be cheaper than buying the components separately. Oxford New French Dictionary is included in package.

ISBN for package:  9780134669281

ISBN for Huis clos:  9782070368075

Recommended: Morton, English Grammar for Students of French

Course Description:

This course is conducted entirely in French.  French 4 is an advanced intermediate language and culture class that aims to refine the skills acquired in French 3 or equivalent courses and to enhance students’ familiarity with French and Francophone literature. Emphasis is placed on the strengthening of oral and written expression in order to promote linguistic and cultural competences through an extensive grammar review and exploration of texts, visual and audio sources, multi-media, and other cultural artifacts. The study of these materials will be supported by several technological tools.

Topics covered include immigration and multiculturalism, France’s relations with other countries in Europe and around the world, Francophone cultures, identity, politics, the arts, and film. Various genres and visual and written forms are covered, including short stories, plays, poems, and films, studied in their literary and cultural contexts (history, philosophy, music, art). Throughout the semester, students share ideas in collaborative small groups and whole class discussion, continue to work on independent projects using the Internet, and explore new formats for writing in French, including expository writing, journalistic and creative writing activities, as well as visual and textual analysis in French.


For students with one of the following: a passing grade in French 3 at UC Berkeley; 4th-semester or 5th-quarter college French; a 4 or 5 on the AP French exam. Students who have lived in a French-speaking environment should take the French 102 Placement Exam and consult with Vesna Rodic, the Second Year Coordinator. For additional placement information please see Lower Division Placement Guidelines.

Additional information:

Course not open to native or heritage speakers of French.  All sections are conducted entirely in French.

**Please note that time conflicts are incompatible with the demands on this course.**