The French 1960's

R1B (Sect 1) :  English Composition through French Literature in Translation (Summer Session D -- 6 weeks)
Summer 2021
Class No: 13573
MTWTh Session D 07/06-08/13/2021
P. Lyons

Course Description:

From the Existentialists to New Wave cinema to the revolutionary student uprisings of May ’68, the 1960’s in France yielded an explosion of cultural and political innovation that still reverberates powerfully into the present day. Why was this? Why do the ‘60s continue to fascinate us in the 21st century? Together, we’ll read and watch a number classic texts and films from the French ‘60s, and explore its energies from the inside out!


Jean-Paul Sartre – Nausea
Elaine Mokhtefi – Algiers, Third World Capital
Georges Perec – Things: A Story of the 60’s
Robert Linhart – The Assembly Line
JL Godard – Pierrot Le Fou
Chris Marker – Grin without a cat (pt. 1)
Jacques Tati – Playtime

Additional Information:

French R1B fulfills the second half of the Reading and Composition Requirement in the College of Letters and Science. Class conducted in ENGLISH.