Sather GAte
Breaking Language Barriers in the Academy
24 :  Freshman/Sophomore Seminar
Spring 2024
Class No: 33320
Mairi-Louise McLaughlin, Rebecca Tarvin
4:00 PM - 4:59 PM

The creation of knowledge is a universal enterprise that lies at the heart of the Academy. However, there
are many barriers to effectively communicating and understanding knowledge. One major hurdle is the
ubiquity of English as a central language for publishing and communicating academic research. This is an
issue both for aspiring scholars who learn English as a second language while mastering complex topics
as well as for members of our communities who would benefit from information that is currently
unavailable in their primary language. This class offers an introduction to translation and multilingualism
in the academy. It combines short readings and lectures with active hands on translation and multilingual
communication experience. During the semester, students will each translate abstracts for three research
papers into a second language or into another creative format that communicates the research to a broad
audience. Students will present their translated works and their experiences creating them in a final
presentation at the end of the semester. Students will leave the class with a better understanding of the
relationship between language and the Academy and equipped with tools to help break down language

Prerequisites: Intermediate or Advanced proficiency in a language other than English is strongly