Advanced Intermediate French

Spring 2024
Class No: 17743
M, TU, W, TH, F
Lison Huet-Larrieu
1:00 PM - 1:59 PM

Advanced training in listening, reading, writing, and speaking French. Review and refinement of grammar.

Enroll in French 4 if you earned a passing grade in French 3 at UC Berkeley, have taken a fourth-semester or fifth quarter college French courses elsewhere or received an AP score of 4 or 5. You will be screened for appropriate placement during the first week of classes. French 4 is an advanced intermediate language and culture class that aims to refine the skills acquired in French 3 or equivalent courses and to enhance students’ familiarity with French and Francophone literature. Emphasis is placed on the strengthening of oral and written expression in order to promote linguistic and cultural competences through an extensive grammar review and exploration of texts, visual and audio sources, multi-media, and other cultural artifacts. Topics covered include immigration and multiculturalism, Francophone cultures, France’s relations with other countries, environmental sustainability, politics, arts, and film. Various genres and visual and written forms are covered, including short stories, plays, poems, and films, studied in their literary and cultural contexts (history, philosophy, music, art).