Practical Phonetics and Listening Comprehension

Spring 2023
Class No: 25342
2030 Valley Life Sciences Building
Oliver Whitmore
12:30 - 1:59 PM

This multimedia course concentrates on pronunciation and listening comprehension skills and provides a new understanding of the French language. Theoretical and practical concepts are taught as necessary, in order to familiarize students with the wide range of pronunciation systems that span the Francophone world, as attitudes and ideologies associated with them. While honing their own pronunciation, students are encouraged to critically evaluate what it means to “sound French.” This course is strongly recommended before study, work, or travel in French-speaking countries, particularly for Education Abroad Program students.


Successful completion of French 3 (or equivalent high school / IB / AP / placement exam credit, etc.). If you have questions about placement, see the Placement Guidelines on French Department website. No prior linguistics knowledge necessary. Course is taught in French. This course is strongly recommended for students intending to teach or to study or work abroad in French-speaking countries.

Additional information: 

Course not typically open to native or heritage speakers of French. 

Required Text: Savoir Dire, 2nd edition, Diane Dansereau.  Additional readings will be available on Bcourses.

Students who need DSP accomodations for audio and/or visual materials should contact instructor ( as soon as possible.