Tutoring in French, First Year

197 :  Field Studies (Section 1)
Spring 2021
Class No: 18469
remote; synchronous
D. Hoffmann in Charge

Course Description:

Tutors enrolled in this course will be responsible for 2 hours per week of remote, drop-in tutoring for students enrolled in French 1 and French 2.  Student tutors will also be responsible for attending meetings with the course supervisor and for maintaining regular email communication with their supervisor. 2 units.

Additional Information:

Students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA in UCB French coursework.  Priority enrollment for students declared or intended in the French Major or Minor.  

Students are encouraged to enroll by the end of Phase 2.  Space permitting, eligible students may enroll in French 197 up through Friday of the first week of instruction.

Enrolled students will be contacted by the Instructor in Charge during the first 2 weeks of instruction to review program information and to set up tutoring and meeting schedules.

This course does not satisfy major or minor requirements.