Elementary French, first semester

Fall 2017
Class No: 14631
S. Chavdarian


Chez nous: Branché sur le monde francophone, Media Enhanced 4th editionChez nous: Branché sur le monde francophone, Student Activities Manual, Media Enhanced 4th edition; Chez nous: Branché sur le monde francophone, Answer Key, Media Enhanced 4th edition; Recommended:  Morton, English Grammar for Students of French

Course Description:

This course is conducted entirely in French. Introduction to Francophone cultures through speaking, listening, reading, and writing in French, with French as the exclusive means of communication. Emphasis is placed on developing student ability to create and to communicate with basic French structures and vocabulary. Linguistic and cultural competency is developed through oral exercises, individual and collaborative reports, class discussions, and the use of various media resources. Reading and writing are developed through both in-class and independent reading projects using the French Department Library, as well as through compositions and other written assignments. The program integrates all aspects of foreign language study through a process-oriented approach in compliance with ACTFL‘s Oral Proficiency and the 5Cs of the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning for the 21st Century. Cultural competency is also reinforced by exposure to French and Francophone worlds through various oral/aural exercises, written assignments, film clips and various media resources. The students will gain a historical perspective on French and Francophone cultures.


No previous French experience required.  This course is also appropriate for students with one quarter of college-level French, 2 years of high school French, or less.  For additional placement information please see Lower Division Placement Guidelines.  See also French Placement FAQs.

Additional information:

Course not open to native or heritage speakers of French.  All sections are conducted entirely in French, with no more than 20 students per section. See the Schedule of Classes to obtain  the Class number for your desired section.

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