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Rachel Weiher

Ph.D. Candidate and GSI
4310 Dwinelle
Summer 2021: W/F 12-1pm

Research Areas

Sociolinguistics (particularly language variation and change, sociophonetics, language attitudes and ideologies, language planning and policy); Second language acquisition and teaching (particularly sociolinguistic competence in the L2 and variationist language pedagogies) 



I am entering my 5th year in the Romance Languages & Literatures Ph.D. (French emphasis). My work sits at the interface of sociolinguistics and language pedagogy. Specifically, in the case of French, a pervasive standard ideology has led to an under-representation of regional, stylistic, and socially-stratified variation in language courses, often perpetuating social hierarchies harmful to speakers of non-standard (e.g. Québécois, banlieue French, etc.) varieties. Accordingly, the principal aim of my research is to incorporate sociolinguistic approaches to the teaching of French, such that learners are more familiar with the wide range of variation inherent in French, as in all human language, as well as with associated attitudes and ideologies held by speakers in contemporary Francophonie. This Spring 2021, I piloted a variationist approach to teaching French 35: Practical Phonetics and Listening Comprehension.

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When not researching sociolinguistics and language teaching, I enjoy cooking, doing yoga and HIIT workouts, and playing with my cat, Autumn. 


Selected Publications

Weiher, R (forthcoming). Factors of Lexical Stability in (Inter)Action Across Romance. Proceedings of the 49th Linguistics Symposium on Romance Languages. Language Sciences Press.