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Simon Rogghe
Thu 5.30-6.30pm, Fri 9.30-10.30am

Research Areas

Intersections between literature and philosophy, avant-garde poetics, 19th- and 20th-century poetry, the link between surrealism and medieval literature.


Simon Rogghe grew up in Belgium where he obtained his M.A. in Philosophy. He is completing his PhD dissertation in the French department, focusing on the connection between surrealism and medieval literature. His articles have appeared in Nineteenth-Century French Studies, the French Review, and Parade sauvage. He is also co-author of Green Lions, a book of collaborative poetry. He has taught beginning through intermediate French, and currently teaches a Reading & Composition course on "Evil from Prometheus to Camus" in the Fall of 2020.

Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed articles

2020                “Le cri du papillon: The Doors & Rimbaud.” Parade sauvage 30 (2020): 229-248.

2019                “‘Ni dans le monde sensible, ni sensiblement en dehors de ce monde:’ The Occultation of Surrealism and Rimbaud’s Assassins.” French Review 93.2 (2019): 64-76.

2019                “‘La Sibylle’ as Ghost Work in Hugo’s La Fin de Satan.” Nineteenth-Century French Studies 48.1-2 (2019): 64-79.


Academic (English to French)

2018                Kudszus, Winfried. “Émergence linguistique: faim, métabolisme, et métaphorologie dans la pensée et l’œuvre de Friedrich Nietzsche.” In Métaphores de l'austérité & Austérité  des métaphores/Metaphors of Austerity & The Austerity of Metaphors. Winfried Kudszus & Richard Trim (eds.), Paris: L’Harmattan. 39-86.

Literary (French to English)

2018                Aragon, Louis. Brocéliande (selections). Anomaly (fka Drunken Boat).

2015                Desnos, Robert. Rrose Sélavy (selections). Princeton’s translation journal Inventory 6: 66-69.

2015                Hansen-Løve, Sven. Tender Neighbors and Other Stories. Paris: Paris Lit Up Press.


2014    Green Lions. A book of poetry in collaboration with Zarina Zabrisky (San Francisco: Numina Press).