two students in Brussels (UCEAP)
Learn French AND a Profession

The French Department has received a grant from the French Embassy and the French-American Cultural Exchange in Education and Arts Foundation to develop professional pathways for learners of French at UC Berkeley. The two-year project’s aim is to help students deepen their French oral and written skills and cultural understanding while gaining professional experience in two professional domains: International Relations and the Art World and Cultural Institutions. It will pair academic study through French For Profession classes (Fr137) with internships in French-speaking organizations, locally or abroad. The project will also allow students to work more closely with francophone partners on campus and in the Bay Area through a speaker series, guest lectures, and field trips. The implementation of the grant is supported by the UCB Center of Excellence in French and Francophone Studies and the Berkeley Language Center. If you are interested in knowing more, please contact Déborah Blocker,, Claire Tourmen, or Nina Rennert Cohen