Intermediate French

Fall 2013
D. Pries


Required: Réseau: Communication, Intégration, Intersections, 1st Edition, Pearson (Textbook, Student activities manual, and Answer key, access to My French Lab, and complimentary Oxford New French Dictionary); select outside readings

Please note: All of the required material (textbook, student activities manual, answer key and MyFrenchLab) will be available in package form at the Cal Student Store. In most cases, purchasing a package turns out to be cheaper than buying the components separately. Oxford New French Dictionary included in package.

Recommended: Morton, English Grammar for Students of French

Course Description:

This course is conducted in French. This is an intermediate language and culture class that aims to consolidate and expand the skills of listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing in French. The course aims to promote cross-cultural understanding through the use of authentic materials such as literary and journalistic texts, multimedia, film, pop songs, and television/radio broadcasts, and other cultural artifacts. We will explore various topics such as self and family, education, human relationships, traditions, politics, and national identities, and compare American and other perceptions to those of the French and francophone world in whole class discussion, small groups and other collaborative formats. In addition to a review and refinement of grammar and vocabulary in a culturally rich context, students also experiment with their written expression through different formats, including analytical essays, journals, creative writing and independent projects using the Internet.


For students with one of the following: 4 years of high school French; a passing grade in French 2 at UC Berkeley; 2nd or 3rd semester college French; 3rd or 4th-quarter college French; a 3 on the AP French exam. Students who have lived for an extended time in a French speaking environment should consult with Désirée Pries, the Second Year Coordinator. For additional placement information please see Lower Division Placement Guidelines. See also French Enrollment FAQs.

Additional information:

Course not open to native or heritage speakers of French. Satisfies College of Letters and Science breadth in International Studies (IS). All sections are conducted entirely in French, with 19 students per section.

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