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Le voyage n’est nĂ©cessaire qu’aux imaginations courtes.

— Colette

Damon R. Young

Assistant Professor

  • Office Location: 6224 Dwinelle Hall
  • Office Hours: Office hours by appointment for Spring 2018.
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Film and media theory; global art cinema (with a focus on French and francophone); gender and sexuality studies; cultural studies; contemporary media; critical theory.
Professor Young’s current book project, “Making Sex Public,” offers a “history of the present” that explores how women’s sexuality and queer sexualities became intensified sites of cultural contestation, aspiration and allegory in France and the U.S. during and after the 1960s. Cinema, making sex more “public” in this period, both registered and refashioned the tensions that have defined the place of sexuality in modern Western culture, with women and queers emerging as avatars for new ways of imagining sexual “democracy,” as well as figures of dystopian fantasy about the collapse of the social order.
He is co-editor of The Cultural Logic of Contemporary Capitalism, a special issue of the journal Social Text.
Recent publications include:

“Visage/Con: Catherine Breillat and the Antinomies of Sex,” Qui Parle 24.2 (Spring/Summer 2016)

“For A Political Critique of Culture,” with N. Baumbach and G. Yue, Social Text 127; 34.2 (June 2016)

“Revisiting Postmodernism: An Interview with Fredric Jameson,” with N. Baumbach and G. Yue, Social Text 127; 34.2 (June 2016)

“The Vicarious Look, or Andy Warhol’s Apparatus Theory,” Film Criticism 39.2 (Winter 2015)

“Queer Seriousness,” World Picture 9 (Summer 2014), at

As translator:
Jean-Luc Nancy, “Ode to José Esteban Muñoz,” Social Text 121; 32.4 (Winter 2014)