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Honors Program in French

Eligible Students completing a major in French are encouraged to¬†participate ¬†in the Honors¬†Program in French.¬†¬†This involves¬†completion ¬†of an in-depth written research project in French, and a presentation of this project at the French Department’s Honors Panel.¬† Interested students may wish to begin thinking of an appropriate honors topic during their junior year of study.

The Honors program in French may be undertaken during the senior year by French majors who meet specific criteria (senior standing and 3.5 GPA both in French major and overall.)  The student undertakes research on a topic of his or her choice in French literature or applied language study which has been approved by his or her faculty sponsor.  The results of this research constitute an Honors thesis of approximately 40 to 50 typed pages, written in French.  H195A-B is a two semester sequence (2 units each semester); credit and grade are awarded upon completion of the sequence.  Students should therefore begin the sequence no later than the first semester of their senior year and consult with the necessary faculty members and the Undergraduate Adviser before enrolling.


The Honors program is undertaken IN ADDITION TO the unit requirement for the major and does not count towards the unit minimum.  Therefore, students who are considering enrolling in the Honors program must have finished a substantial amount of upper-division course work in the major in order that the completion of the major requirements not be delayed.

How To Apply:  To apply to the Honors program in French, a student must have senior standing at UCB (a minimum of 90 units), must be a declared major in French, and must be in the final 2 semesters at Berkeley.  IN ADDITION, Student must have an overall grade point average and a grade point average in the French major of  3.5. (Application form is available at bottom of this page)

1) Certification Of Requirements:  The student must receive the approval and signature of the Undergraduate Adviser.  The Undergraduate Adviser will review, with the student, his or her record in French to insure that undertaking an Honors thesis will not deter the student from finishing the necessary coursework in the major.   Student must have an overall grade point average and a grade point average in the French major of 3.5.  The GPA and number of units completed must be verified by the Undergraduate Adviser:


2) Approval And Consent Of Faculty Sponsor:¬† The student must receive the written consent of the department faculty member with whom he wishes to work.¬† Before Friday of the third week of classes, the student will submit to the French Department faculty member with whom he or she wishes to work a written proposal detailing the proposed thesis topic (please see page 2 of attached application.)¬† The faculty member will review the student’s written proposal for an honors thesis and, upon signing the application, will formally consent to sponsor the 2-semester sequence.


3) Release Of Course ID Number:  Upon obtaining required signatures, student will submit the attached application to the Undergraduate Assistant, who will then release the course ID number.

To  request an Application to the Honors Program in French, please contact Carol Dolcini, Undergraduate Major Adviser in French.


Important Notice Regarding Incompletes:   Students should be aware that if they graduate with an Incomplete in the Honors sequence they cannot later receive honors by completing the project and making up the Incomplete.  It is the responsibility of the student to complete the work on the honors thesis on time and to consult with his faculty adviser throughout the two semester sequence.


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