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Sokrat Postoli

Graduate Student

  • Office Location: 4310 Dwinelle
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Ph.D. Candidate — University of California, Berkeley
M.A. — University of California, Irvine
B.A. — Dartmouth College

My interests in the field stem from an initial recognition of literature as complementary to history/historiography. Consequently, my literary analyses are firmly anchored in or largely informed by a consideration of salient historical factors surrounding their production.

For my dissertation I am looking at the work of Algerian-born Francophone authors Mouloud Feraoun and Albert Camus. The first part of my dissertation looks at their autobiographical novels (Feraoun’s Le Fils du pauvre and Camus’s Le Premier Homme) as complements to official accounts of the history of colonial Algeria. The second part of my dissertation situates Camus and Feraoun in the tradition of the Ă©crivain engagĂ© and subsequently takes a closer look at their works as politically engaged — whether in the immediate, situational context, or in the defense of more perennial humanistic values such as justice and human dignity.