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Le soleil est rare et le bonheur aussi l'amour s'égare au long de la vie.


Fred Dulson

Graduate Student

  • Office Location: 4310 Dwinelle Hall
  • Office Hours: Mondays 11-12, Thursdays 12-1 and by appointment.

I study French literature of the Middle Ages, with special focus on allegory and allegoresis, in particular the thirteenth-century¬†Roman de la Rose¬†and its expansive late medieval reception. My research interests include: hermeneutics and the historicity of (literary) form; (the history of) philology and philological method; medieval textuality, from the material to the virtual; referentiality and citationality; the uses and abuses of wordplay, e.g. paranomasia,¬†annominatio,¬†contrep√®terie¬†(‚Äúfounter-carting‚ÄĚ), etc.