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French 265A: Modern Studies — Proust


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Course Description: 

In this seminar we will focus on just reading Proust. You will have a Reader with extensive selections taken from all the volumes of the Recherche. You can of course read more if you choose, filling in as much as you are able toward the ambitious goal of reading the entire Recherche. But this will not be required. Careful study of the extensive selections will give you a very good sense of the scale, movement and complexity of the work as a whole. We will try to read it afresh, not as a novel of recollection — of loss and recuperation though art — but as a novel of adventure where the adventure is living in time.  There will be some critical readings, but the focus will be on careful study of the primary text with attention to a range of issues including memory, photography, sexuality, desire, improvisation, war, anti-semitism and general craziness.

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