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French 172A: Literature and Psychoanalysis — The Surrealist Movement in Literature, Painting and Films


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Course Description:

This course will discuss the artistic, political and literary aspects of French and international Surrealism from its first expression in the early 1920s to the aftermath of the Second World War. We will consider all the artistic components of this avant-garde movement. Our material will include textual sources such as prose, poetry and manifestos, but also films, photographs and paintings by Salvador Dali, Chirico, Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp.


French 102 or equivalent.

Additional Information:

This course satisfies 1 “Culture” or 1 “Elective” course requirement in the French major.  Satisfies one couse requirement in the French minor.  Satisfies College of Letters and Science breadth in Social and Behavioral Science, or Arts and Literature or International Studies.

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