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French 103A: Language and Culture: Writing Love (“W”)


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Course Description:

Love can be intensely personal but the forms of its literary expression — and even of its experience – can be socially codified. There are ideologies of love. Love can find itself in conflict with other values. And of course love can be happy or unhappy — or both at the same time. A love story can be a pretext for saying something else altogether. Love can be idealized or demystified. We will explore these possibilities through the study of texts from various genres ( prose narrative, theatre and poetry) from the middle ages to the 20th century.

Readings will include some of the following: Yvain ou le Chevalier du lion, poetry by Louise Labé, Lamartine and Baudelaire, drama by Corneille ( Le Cid) and Racine (Phèdre), prose by Mme de Lafayette, Chateaubriand, Balzac, Duras and Proust,


Students must have either previously completed French 102 or its equivalent, or be concurrently enrolled in French 102. For additional placement information please see Placement Guidelines.

Additional information:

Satisfies L & S breadth requirement in Arts and Literature. This course is designated as “W” (writing intensive) in the French major.

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