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Le soleil est rare et le bonheur aussi l'amour s'Ă©gare au long de la vie.


French 145: History of the French Language (Summer Session D — 6 weeks)


Le Français dans tous les sens, Henriette Walter (Laffont, 1988), and course reader

Course Description:

Where did French, and its idiosyncratic spelling rules and infamous grammar exceptions, come from? How might its history continue to influence French as it is spoken, written, and taught today?  In this course, we will explore the evolution of the French language from its medieval beginnings to its contemporary use in modern France and the Francophone world, and investigate how understanding the origins, controversies, and standardizations of French as we know it today can enhance the study of French literature and culture.  Through readings of historical texts from a variety of genres, student presentations, and in-class discussions, we will consider what it means for a language to change and be changed.  (Experience in linguistics not required.)  Course taught in French.


French 102 or consent of Instructor.

Additional Information:

Satisfies Culture or Elective course requirement in French major.  Satisfies 1 Historical Period requirement in French major.   Satisfies Letters and Science breadth requirement in Historical Studies or Social and Behavioral Sciences.

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