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Mon ultime prière: Ô mon corps, fais de moi toujours un homme qui interroge!

— Fanon

French 177B: History and Criticism of Film — Le Vu et le Cru (The Seen and the Believed)


Alain Resnais, Liaisons secrètes, accords vagabonds. Suzanne Liandrat-Guigues et Jean-Louise Leutrat. Cahiers du Cinéma 2006

Course Description:

“I disapprove of death, one begins to sniff the temptation to believe in something.” Clive played by John Guielgud in Providence (1976), Alain Resnais’ first film in English.

“Le vu and le cru” – from “Vous n’avez encore rien vu” (you ain’t seen anything yet), (2012)…Resnais’ most recent film.

In this course we will try to get closer to the extraordinary creativity of Alain Resnais (or at least to a part of his almost 70 years of film production).


French 102 or equivalent; French 170 or equivalent is recommended, or consent of instructor.  Film studies students should consult with instructor about language prerequisites

Additional Information:

This course satisfies 1 “Culture” or 1  “Elective” course requirement in the French major.   This course also satisfies College of Letters and Science breadth in Social and Behavioral Sciences. Priority enrollment for declared French majors.

weekly screening (required): Wed. 4-6, B-4 Dwinelle  


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