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Mon ultime prière: Ô mon corps, fais de moi toujours un homme qui interroge!

— Fanon

French 24: Freshman Seminar — Slow Reading Dangerous Liaisons


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Course Description:

Innocence, pleasure, pride, entrapment, consent, revenge, desire, repression, hypocrisy, deceit, aggression, force, persuasion, faith, virtue, nobility, corruption, manipulation, sex, love: all this and much, much more in one of world literature’s most diabolically intelligent novels, Laclos’s Dangerous Liaisons. In addition to reading the novel (in English), we’ll also be viewing some of the work’s numerous film adaptations.

Additional Information:

Course taught in ENGLISH. No knowledge of French is demanded.  Optional meetings will be arranged for students who would like to work on some passages in the original French.

Priority enrollment for Freshmen.

Professor Paige teaches mainly classes in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century French literature and culture, with special interest in the history of the novel.


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