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Tout est dit, et l'on vient trop tard.

—La Bruyère

French 140D: French Literature in English Translation – Cutting a path through Proust’s In Search of Lost Time


Course Reader

Course Description:

Marcel Proust’s  A la Recherche du temps perdu [In Search of Lost Time] is a monumental work of  modern fiction, written in a first person voice.  Because it is so huge, and was published over many decades in separate volumes, many people are only familiar with the first part of the novel, which concerns memories of childhood. But Marcel grows up! And Paris changes in the aftermath of WWI.   In this class we will read selections from the entire novel, tracing  a path from  beginning to end in manageable sections.  Time, memory, subjectivity, sensation, sexuality, jealousy and art – these are some of the themes we will examine in our study of Proust’s celebrated modern novel. A few critical essays will guide us in our reading.  Readings will consist of selections from the novel, in a recently published  English translation presented in a course reader that will also include a few critical essays.


Open to all students.  Course taught in English.

Additional information:

No knowledge of French is required.  All lectures and discussions in English. This course satisfies 1 “Elective” course requirement in the French major if written work is done in French.  If written work is done in English, this course can satisfy 1 “Outside Elective” course requirement in the French major, with prior approval of French Undergraduate Major Adviser.

Satisfies the College of Letters & Science breadth requirement in Arts & Literature.

Students wishing to take this course to satisfy major requirements in the English major  should consult with their undergraduate major adviser.


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