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French 138: French for Teaching and Related Careers — Second Language Acquisition in French


Lightbown and Spada, How Languages are Learned, Fourth Edition. Oxford UP, 2013; French 138 readings on bspace.

Course Description:

This course will introduce students to the field of second language acquisition, considering specific issues in learning and teaching French. What is “grammar” and how does it relate to our everyday use of language? What is the significance of language errors? How do “spoken” and “written” norms differ? What roles do a student’s native language, as well as motivation, memory, and personality play in the learning of a foreign language? How do social factors affect language learning? What is the nature of the relationship between language and culture, and how can culture be taught through language?

We will study theoretical models of second language acquisition, as well as a variety of approaches to the teaching of French as a foreign language. Students will learn how to observe and analyze teaching and will get practice in preparing and teaching a micro-lesson.


French 102 or equivalent.

Additional information: 

This course satisfies 1 “Elective” course requirement in the French Major.   Satisfies one course requirement in the French minor.  Satisfies College of Letters and Science breadth in International Studies.

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